why us?

We are the well known sms service provider in the state of Rajasthan. People know us in the name of Jaipur bulk sms service provider. We have clients from various parts of Rajasthan who wish to get the bulk sms service. You can easily promote your business or brand name with the texts that we broadcast. We have a large network of people whom we can share for your business boost. We are professionals with a perfect plan to achieve your business goal. You can get many local vendors with the same service. But, The Jaipur bulk sms provides the quality service.

Reasons for choosing us:

Experts with experience

The staffs working with us have years of experience. They know the actual technique of getting business from the sms service. We are the registered company with good recognition from the state government. We know to sort out very critical issues that can take place while promoting your business. The Jaipur bulk sms provider has all types of plan to suit your need.

Customer satisfaction

Today, in every business customer satisfaction really matters. Even when you are buying a product especially the consumer good, you need the after sales service. This is where you can watch the customer satisfaction. Similarly, when a client has purchased our bulk sms service, we take regular feedback from the client. We would like to know whether you are satisfied. If not, we will go for further steps for our client satisfaction.

24 x7 support

Normally, the emergency services are under 24 x 7. Though we are not the emergency service provider, we still provide our client with 24/ 7 customer support. You can call us up anytime you require. We will be more than happy to help you out. Our customer care number is open round the clock. We have recruited executive to help you always. If the line is busy, just wait for some time. Our next executive will attend your call.

Attractive price

These days people have become too much cautious about the price of product and services. Even for the bulk sms service you can do the same. We claim to provide the service in competitive price. But, you can also cross check the same and find out with the other vendors. Just compare and see which one will be effective based on quality service. Our customer base is not only within the city, rather there are clients from other states as well. We provide all types of support service to each of them after they have taken the bulk sms service from us. Our network in the city of Jaipur is very strong. Even the clients come back to us several times for repeated service. We also received various other clients from our existing client. They are very happy with our service and the support that we provide always. It is the time to grab the best plan from us. We assure full assistance while there is any type of error in the system.

Jaipur Bulk SERVICES

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